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Each Virtual Author Visit Package includes:

  • Pre-planning time with faculty and staff, phone and email
  • ONE (1) copy of your choice book and lesson sent to the school media center
  • ONE (1) pre-virtual visit tech rehearsal with online host staff (REQUIRED and preferred 48 hours before our visit)
  • Delivery of materials pre-visit, including Author Biography & Art Project, Video Book reading, Pre-Visit Question preparation
  • TWO (2) online live sessions (up to 60 minutes each) with as many students as you can technically accommodate. Dividing by grade levels will best support the presentation(s), for example: K, 1 & 2 grouped together; and grades 3, 4 & 5 grouped together.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Yes, your school IS PERMITTED to record and archive our session(s) for future use within the school.
  • ONE (1) optional faculty follow up zoom – to cover any additional online projects and available resources in support of our visit. Up to 40 minutes. This post-visit program is highly recommended and follows the student visit to maximize the value of the event.


Please contact me to arrange a visit at



In Person Author Visits include TWO (2) or THREE (3) large group sessions.
It is important to group the audiences by grade level(s) as each presentation is crafted for a specific grades. For example: K, 1 & 2 should be grouped together; and grades 3, 4  & 5 should be grouped together.
My presentation is visual and requires a table for display as well as performance space. I also have a video presentation that requires the space to BE DARKENED for a short time while the video plays. I bring my computer and my own projector but I will need a media cart, screen or white wall, and a microphone.
Each presentation (For Example) shows a different aspect of BEE CHARMING like talking to the bees with a kazoo and discovering different types of housing and behaviors. I also show examples of gardening, tracking and benefiting from different types of bees. I can also include a ‘pollinator’ garden activity for additional fee. An optional Student Snack (school provided) can be added to the day featuring food items yielded from bees including apples and/or almonds plus honey products such as honey grahams, honeycomb snack mix and/or honey sticks. This is my MOST POPULAR talk/activity. Next runner up is Biomimicry.


Offering autographed books to students is a school decision. Some schools use book sales as part of the fundraising effort, others want to keep the price as low as possible. I offer both hard and paperback books – so pricing is varied and accessible. Usually, a bookseller handles the order instead of me bringing or shipping the books physically (super helpful). Volunteers can then sort the orders and distribute the books to students.
If you would like autographed copies of my books, I require ADVANCE NOTICE. I do not offer signings on the day of the visit due to space and schedule limitations. Instead, I sign an illustrated decal insert that can be applied within the cover. I bring the signed decals with me on the day of my visit and provide them to the media specialist to apply. Typically, pre-ordered books are held in the media center for distribution. Signed Books can then be distributed to students after my visit.
Important Legal Disclaimer: If you want to personalize the books’ interior with a message from the teacher or media specialist, that is permitted, as long as it in no way implies the message is from me, the author. I do not take responsibility for, and will be held harmless from, any written messages. I am only providing decal signature to authenticate the book and make it a collector’s edition.
Successful Author Visits come in many shapes and sizes, but a few key elements are consistent. Our mutual goal is to inspire a love of books, reading, writing, and storytelling for students and faculty.


BEST PRACTICES for successful author visits are when the author and faculty prepare in advance by:

  1. Meeting with parents to encourage funding and/or volunteers on visit day
  2. Giving faculty release time to work on planning the Author Visit and time to run the event on the day of.
  3. Preparing for and attending the Author Visit sessions. Introducing the author to your groups is critically important. Students always notice an enthusiastic and well-informed introduction. They also notice if an introduction isn’t prepared or informed (no one likes the latter).
  4. Call the local press, and plan for faculty & students to be in pictures with the author for local newspaper, TV or school newsletter. Help make the Author Visit a Very Big Deal within the community. This is not to benefit me, it’s TO BENEFIT YOU and YOUR SCHOOL. One highly esteemed principal shared: “Once we have an author in our school, we try to figure out how to use the visit to help secure the NEXT author visit.” In short, leverage YOUR PR to the max to get eyes, ears and wallets opened for your cause. Fundraising enables future projects, whether they be author visits or otherwise.
  5. Appoint a photographer to record the event and use YOUR IMAGES in future presentations to parents, school boards, and local press. Document the event for the yearbook. I DO NOT provide images of the event to the school. That is YOUR responsibility, and therefore there is no image release clause.
  6. Invite all faculty to weigh in on author selections. Read the author’s books to your students. Discuss the structure and images of the selected picture books. Try the illustration techniques used. Decorate the school with images and vocabulary from the books. Host a ‘Spelling Bee’ or ‘Vocabulary Parade’ before author events.
  7. Transform your school in some small way for Visit Day: a hallway, door, welcome sign, etc.



When requiring an overnight stay my honorarium is $1,200.00 per day.
In addition, airfare, car, and accommodations are also covered by the school. This honorarium includes the pre-planning before the residency, necessary travel days, as well as the days of work within a school. If more than one day is required in a single school, the second day is $1,000. This daily rate includes FIVE (5) HARDCOVER books and one Curriculum Kit, all sent ahead, before the residency begins. (One set per school.)


How many students can you speak with at a time?

I can speak to as many as 400, if a gym or auditorium is available. Note: The larger the audience, the more important it is to have a darkened room for slide presentation and a large screen, for viewing. If possible, it’s best to keep the group to between one and two hundred at a time. I travel with my own computer, projector, and wireless image advancer. I need a media cart, and a large screen, plus a volunteer to control the lights during the presentation.



Please inquire about lessons/lesson planning for our visit
  • Bee Charming For Beginners  – example lesson(s) elaboration above
  • Astro Zebra Loves Forts
  • Stationary Circus
  • Where’s My Bear
  • I Love You To Infinity
  • Everybody Makes Moostakes
  • Llama Drama Dairy
  • Ocean Life Illustrated From A to Z
  • Biomimicry Illustrated From A to Z
  • Echo The Seal Loves To Explore
  • What A Tree Wants To Be
  • Where Do The Animals Go When It Rains
  • A Dog Is Not A Hog


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