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Aunt Karyn Official Author Bio For Website and Back of Books

Aunt Karyn ™ is a children’s book author, apparel designer, toys and games creator with a heart full of love for children. A warm and friendly edutainer, her enthusiasm for inventing and entrepreneurship is just as strong as her passion for writing.
At home in her studio, Aunt Karyn is always building prototypes of new toys and games. She has a knack for coming up with unique and innovative ideas that spark imagination in children. Her inspiration comes from the beauty of art in nature, especially sustainable design concepts found in biomimicry. She loves to incorporate elements of nature into her toys and games, like color, patterns, floral structure, insects, and geology.
As a writer, Aunt Karyn is a natural storyteller. She’s always exploring different themes in her stories, like friendship, kindness, and empathy. But mostly, Aunt Karyn believes in the magic of visual storytelling and using the Whole Book Approach originated by Eric Carle. With the Whole Book Approach, readers become active participants as they look closely at the artwork from cover to cover. This model is important because learners use their schema to synthesize information.
Aunt Karyn’s youthful perspective and deep understanding of children make her a favorite among parents and children alike. Her books and toys are cherished by families and have inspired countless hours of imaginative play and storytelling.

Aunt Karyn Author Bio – Personal

Aunt Karyn TM is an accomplished author-illustrator, toy, and game designer with a passion for creating educational and engaging content for children.
Born in the same town as her beloved Dr Seuss®, Aunt Karyn TM was always drawn to the world of imagination and creativity. From a young age, she spent hours drawing in her sketchbooks and dreaming up fantastical worlds. But it wasn’t until she grew older, that she began to pursue a second career of writing and illustrating children’s books. What began as a side-hustle of ghost writing for a well-known brand soon grew into a solopreneurship that blossomed into the new brand it is today.
Driven by her desire to create products that complement her series of books, Aunt Karyn TM began exploring all things illustrated – from surface patterns to apparel to toy and game design. She believed that interactive play and learning could go hand in hand, and she wanted to contribute to that space. She set out to design toys and games that not only entertained but also instilled important life skills using familiar constructs and open-ended pathways.
Aunt Karyn’s books, toys, and games have become staples in both classrooms and households, loved by children and parents alike. Her ability to capture the essence of childhood, and to relate design concepts to kids curiosity has made her a favorite and requested return volunteer. In addition to her professional work, she has been teaching the Junior Achievement “Our Community” program in elementary schools since 2016.
Aunt Karyn TM has long been an advocate for literacy and the importance of play in a child’s development. She offers a range of engaging programs that include in-person and/or online options for schools, libraries, and homeschoolers.  For more details, download her Author Visit Curriculum and Rates Sheet.
Aunt Karyn’s passion for impactful content continues to drive her work. Whether she’s illustrating a picture book, designing an interactive toy, or developing an engaging game, she strives to leave a lasting impression on young minds. Through her art and ‘Auntrepreneurship’ programs, she hopes to inspire children to dream big, think outside the box, and embrace their own creativity.

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