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Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to inspire the imaginations and potential of children by providing high-quality, character-centric, books, toys, games, and apparel. Children see themselves in our characters because they are modeled on the 6 Pillars of Character Development, the core 16 Personalities and the 12 DiSC styles. (Aunt KarynTM is a Certified DiSC Practitioner).
When children see themselves in external images, they’re encouraged to be themselves and develop their character internally. Studies show that mirroring behavior in children starts around 8 months of age (!) and this behavior is crucial for learning life skills. Mirroring builds self-esteem and confidence as children self-discover their own potential, self-control and motor skills.
Aunt KarynTM products and characters reinforce the bonding that occurs between children, their family, and caregivers during the early development years.
Our online store offers a wide range of carefully selected products that encourage learning, empathy and innovation. Our goal is to make every child’s experience both meaningful and memorable.
We strive to provide diversified edutainment that makes learning fun and motivating; and we aim to provide a seamless shopping experience for our customers.
      *We pride ourselves on empowering kids of all ages on their journey of growth and self-discovery.
      *We help children, parents & educators develop lasting bonds and lifelong love of learning through play-based products.
      *We believe that everyone is the hero of their own story.
     *Because our stories feature all 16 personalities – We guarantee you’ll find your story here.
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