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8 Tips to Help your Children Transition from School Time to Summertime

Summer is a time that most kids look forward to. Free from the burden of school, kids love the free time and fun activities of summer, but many kids far it hard leaving their daily interaction with friends behind. When the school year is over you can ease the transition by taking an active role in helping your children cope with the life change that’s about to take place.

Try these eight tips to help your children transition:

  1. Talk about it. Keep an open dialogue with your children. If they have certain anxieties or reservations about leaving their school routine, help them ease their fears by giving them the opportunity to talk about it.

  1. Establish a summertime routine early. Try to stay on track as early as possible. If you go into the school year with a routine, you should transition to summer keeping some of that routine in place, such as wake up or breakfast time.

  1. Throw a party. The end of the school year can be a happy time. Celebrate the beginning of summer by throwing a party or barbeque. Some families plan a vacation or staycation just to change the scenery and kickoff the season.

  1. Continue hobbies. It’s important to remind your children that their free time can be productive. The hobbies they enjoy during the school day such as reading or art can continue on throughout the year regardless of the setting.

  1. Continue learning over the summer. One way to make the new beginning easier on your children is to limit their free time over the summer months. You can continue their education by providing educational activities and outings.

  1. Pick out summer outfits. Many children look forward to summer and enjoy picking out special outfits to wear to the beach or the lake or on camping trips. Helping them plan their outings and pick out their outfits can be a bonding experience and get them excited about upcoming trips.

  1. Shop for school supplies. Another activity that kids get excited about is shopping for school supplies. Children sometimes have a specific list of items they’ll need. Let your child choose their own pens, paper and folders in their favorite colors. You can do this at the onset of the summer or wait until August for the Back To School sales.

  1. Make a play date with school friends. A child’s enthusiasm for summer can wain when missing their friends. If your child starts feeling lonely and isolated due to the lack of daily interaction, make a play date with his/her school friends. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. A simple meetup at the park can be just what they need to get them out of a slump.


Stress always goes along with new situations, but if you put these tips into practice, your kids will transition easily from school to summer – and then vice versa in the Fall.

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